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06-26-2010, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Habarazzi View Post
Again, POINTS is not the whole thing here and whether you admit it or not, subconsciously many of you are picking Savard because of Gomez's 7 million $ contract ... if you don't want to believe me, just take a look at this forum's posts for the past 12 months and see how many times Gomez's name comes up and his contract is not mentioned .... the number will be very small.

Face it no matter what the guy does, he will forever be linked to that contract which he obviously can never live up to.

Funny how during the playoff run, where everyone's mind was taken off salary cap, there were actually some Scott Gomez appreciation threads.
For ****'s sake, enough with the damn cap. Savard is better regardless. And no this is not my subconscious typing.

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