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06-26-2010, 11:27 PM
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Originally Posted by TheJudge View Post
I think you missed the point. I'm saying that the #15 is likely going to be worse then Cogliano. Accordingly, If I were Florida I would have made the deal and swung the odds in my favor. If I were Edmonton, I wouldn't have done the deal for the opposite reason. I said nothing about what Cogliano has proven, or will prove. Instead, I spoke about the large probabability of drafting someone worse in the mid first round.
Actually, that is not true. You said:

And yes, I would trade a mid-first rounder for a proven young 2nd/3rd liner every single day of the week.
Which is why I asked what he has proven. It is why I said that players of Cogliano's "proven" ability are a dime-a-dozen in the NHL. The 15th pick? It might be a bust, no argument there. However, it could be a guy like Joe Sakic, Mike Bossy, or Al McInnis, 3 of the best #15 picks ever. Why would any GM give up the chance to get someone like that for a dime-a-dozen guy like Cogliano has "proven" himself to be, so far? Like I said, Cogliano compares to Moore, Metropolit, Malhotra, etc... Those are guys you get for 2nd or 3rd round picks. No sane GM sends a potential Sakic to another team for a 3rd liner when you can draft 3rd liners throughout the draft more easily than you can first liners.

I do agree that, statistically, the #15 will be similar to Cogliano. The chance that he is better, though, makes it a non-trade for me...and obviously for Florida, too...

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