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Originally Posted by Horrorshow View Post
who's this?
Terry Malick. You can google his movies.

To be honest, he seemed such a corn-pone Southerner, with such a thick accent, that I saw the surface only, and not the unique creative mind within. I began to see the light when his philosophy prof requested to keep his straight-A term paper on "Ontology in Heidegger," saying
"I've never seen a better treatment of this subject."

A wealthy alum tried to persuade him to go out for the Freshman football team . . . the reason he was admitted. Terry (we called him "Blanket-ass" for being from Oklahoma) invited me along to the dinner at the alum's Boston mansion. It was all small talk, but in the car on the way home,
Mr. Holloway popped the question, like we knew he would. Terry simply replied, after a long pause. "Waaaaallll, Misser Holloway, ah don think ah weel." Four years later, he was off to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship.

On topic: I don't recall him liking hockey

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