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10-01-2003, 09:51 AM
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Edge, I am not saying you do not have a point. However your remarkable insensitivity to this is not acceptable on this board.
if he wasnt an atlanta player would you say the same thing?

Your initial post on this board talked about how you do not care what happens to the kids. You can feel free to make these comments on the Talk thread, but not here. I have a link to that thread right here, and to be honest I am a little surprised you have not even bothered to post on it yet.
Actually my initial post said the following "It's an unfortunate situation but honestly not one that gets my prayers and sympathies."

Sorry but he chose to make that decison. I was reffering to Heatley in the post, not Snyder. I can see the confusion though.

I would also note, that you indeed are taking the high moral ground. In fact many of your comments here are not about the kids, but instead about you. This is not about you.
kids? he's 22 years old! he's all over 18 months younger then me. that's not a kid! we're not talking about a 16 year old here, we're talking about an adult MAN, not a boy.

My comments have everything to do with responsibility, from myself, you, everyone. Whether you're a student, a professional or a sports figure what i've said applies to everyone. When we get reckless it is not only our own lives we risk, but others. How can you not phase some morality into that? Whether your religous, not religious, a hermit or a social butterfly. We have some degree of responsibility not to take each other out just because we're curious or what not.

You have specifically been warned by me once. This is a very sensitive issue on this board, and your trolling to stir up the posters here is not welcome. Anymore of this and you will be taking a little "vacation" from the HF Boards.

Whoa whoa whoa hold on a second here. I've been here since the begining as a writer and a poster, i'm not trolling. this isn't a hockey issue. with everything that'd being discussed that's what you think it comes down to? that's kinda sad. vacation for what? he played for atlanta and i am discussing it with the fans of atlanta. i am not bashing heatley or damning him or saying "Your team sucks" or what not. the atlanta board is a perfectly acceptable place to talk about the incident because it happened in atlanta. dealing with the main board means i gotta spend 5 minutes just trying to find a post hidden in a jungle of words. i'm not gonna go to the college board and discuss it or the flames board. i'm discussing it on two boards. the one whose team i write for and the board for the city the incident took place.

you even imply banning me for this? for what? i am not bashing opposing views, i am expressing my own on a subject that goes beyond hockey. for the same reason why if kovalev did the same thng i'd expect there would be a discussion on the rangers board.

I haven't done anything harsh to anyone nor have i broken any rules. i'm not a newbie who doesnt know what to do, i've been here at least as long as you if not longer. now if we're gonna discuss this we will discuss and here both sides to the issue, but don't be trying to pull rank because you're a mod. this isn't an issue that requires that.

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