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06-27-2010, 11:44 AM
Change is good.
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He has FOUR YEARS until his hits UFA. FOUR.

People, your bitterness about how Wade Redden's contract has hamstrung the team should have no bearing on what Staal gets paid. "I mean, well ****, he overpaid for that worthless traffic cone, he needs to pay the guy I like as much as he wants to be fair." THIS is how you want to justify all your business decisions for the team?!?!?! By that rationale, EVERY player who came up for a new contract on the team would get overpaid by at least double!

A couple of cliches for you:
-Two wrongs don't make a right.
-Don't throw good money after bad.

As I said in the beginning, due to the CBA, Staal is locked into this team for a MINIMUM of 4 years. He has NO leverage right now other than to hold out. Why on earth would you, what possible reason is there to, for ****'s sake why would you want to pay him more than you have to? Either you pay him for 2-3 years for a very reduced rate (as Slats has done in the past with Dubi, Girardi, Tyutin, etc.) and then give him the larger contract when he's still an RFA, buying out multiple years of UFA when you have room due to Drury/Rozsie/Avery's contracts coming off the books. OR you pay him more for a loooooooong term contract that extends into his UFA years now. But the worst POSSIBLE thing you could do is pay up to give him a four year deal that simply goes to the end of his RFA period when he'd be an UFA anyway.

I've been saying all along that it'd be 2 years at $3.5MM (with the assumption that he'd get something like 4-5 years at $5-6MM on his next contract when he's 2 years from UFA and we have a lot more cap space). The more I think about it now, the more I think he's actually in line for something along the lines of 2 years at $2.5MM or so...

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