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06-27-2010, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Why are you trying to make this some grand statement of racism or something similar, when it has nothing to do with it?

EDIT: If you're worried about the "broadcasts in French" thing, it was a joke by the way. I don't speak French, and I really don't care what language broadcasts are in.

So yeah, there's no reason for you to be disgruntled. I thought this was a poor draft by the Flyers. They had the opportunity to address some needs, but instead they decided to go in a different direction somewhat. I'm sure a lot of Flyers' fans aren't exactly excited about this draft class either.
I never mentioned race...

All im saying is...the teams dont look at geography when making picks...they compile a master list from best to worst and go off that. If everytime their pick comes up a player from the Q is there, they draft them. Assuming you arent too heavy on that position.

Go over to the Buffalo board and read that bumped thread about Tyler Myers. About 10 pages of pure hate for the kid the day he was drafted.

Fact is, most of the people on this board havent seen these guys play, your scouts have. And Philly has pretty good scouts. TRUST THEM.

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