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06-27-2010, 02:20 PM
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Replying to Orcatown's post, I wouldn't put too much emphasis on whatever McNally thought or said before the draft occurred. The reality of being drafted likely had a concentrating effect upon his mind.

I'm thinking that when the distant dream of a pro hockey career suddenly became very real, by being drafted and then contacted by the Canucks, and all their training and team culture outreach . . . that a big change may have begun to occur in the McNally family's attitude. Suddenly, Harvard might not seem so necessary after all, or at least not for more than one season. McNally will be gathering in Vancouver this summer with fellow prospects Oberg, Price, Connauton, and Tanev--all one-season college guys (Oberg sat out most of his freshman season with an injury)--not to mention Andersson, Rodin, Hodgson, and Schroeder. It's a team-building and indoctrination event. Hanging out with all these young, talented fellow draftees--and potential teammates--is bound to have an impact on McNally, and it may begin to change his mind about the quickest route from Milton to Manitoba.

My own boarding school team beat McNally's team last season. So I can imagine what it would feel like to be gathering with guys like US schoolboy hockey legend Jordan Schroeder, and then going back for another year to Milton freaking Academy. I think the kid is going to become restless.

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