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03-26-2005, 05:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust
There is a discussion over on the other Kings board speculating on why the Kings called the timeout when it was their turn to pick. I don't post there so I will just keep this topic alive and post my thoughts on the "time-out" and what happened before making the Boyle selection.
I (among many others) firmly believe that the Kings were set to pick Anthony Stewart, until the Florida Panthers traded up and selected Stewart one pick ahead of the Kings (and Florida probably knew or had an idea the Kings would be selecting Anthony).
The Kings probably had other options in case Stewart wasn't available, and one of those options was trading down and acquiring more picks, but the catch is, it is likely that the player they want might not be available with a later pick. If Stewart was still available, I don't think the Kings were going to call the timeout, but once he was gone, they decided to work the phones one more time to see if they could get a deal they liked, where they could still select the players they wanted.
The scouts had Stewart ranked above Boyle and Tambellini, but even if the Kings traded down, and Boyle or Tambellini were still available with their later picks, the Kings would have ended up selecting them anyway.
The Kings did want Stewart. I thik Tampa had the pick and was trying to get us to outbid Florida for it. The Kings knew Boyle and Tambellini would still be available

I aksed Al Murray a while ago about the timeout. They knew they wanted Boyle and they were going to trade the 27th overall. In the NHL draft once it's your turn you can't trade the pick. The Kings wanted a roster player for the 27th pick. A few teams, including Montreal, offered picks but no roster players so they held onto the pick.