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10-01-2003, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by sluggo
"Quinn is a players coach"

No hes not, Leaf vets like Roberts have come out and they wish Quinn would be more of a players coach and talk to them instead of just showing up for games and practices. And it was CLEAR that they didn't play for him last year in the playoffs.

"You guys are whining because Travis Green is the 4th line center, or Reichel. MOST TEAMS WOULD GIVE UP THEIR LEFT NUT TO HAVE THAT KIND OF DEPTH"

No they wouldn't, which is why the Leafs can't trade most of those guys. Having depth guys isn't the problem, the problem is that 1) Quinn has over paid those players, which really limits what they can do with their budget. and 2) He got a lot of those depth guys at the expense of the defense.

"The leafs defence was not weak last year"

Last year the leafs were 9th in the NHL in shots again,a nd second among playoff teams. Thats a weak defense, and its worse this year.

Leaf Army - when I talked about making moves like that I also said in the same posts that those would be moves I'd like to see made if the Leafs went into a re-building period, not a win now period. Of course getting two guys like Heerema and Shoula won't help you win NOW, but in 3-5 years they will. If your going to quote an old post of mine as least do it in context.

Sluggo, I am not even going to respond to this dribble...

Your 1000 word essays which pour over another poster's every preposition are exhausting to read. There is one thread (either the Tucker or Berard thread, I can't exactly recall) that goes on forever between you and some other guys which I can't even open because it is so disturbing. It is also exhausting trying to debate with a wall. You are a stubborn know-it-all who always thinks you know everything the best, but proof demonstrates your hockey knowledge is actually quite weak.

You bore me.

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