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10-01-2003, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Edge
if he wasnt an atlanta player would you say the same thing?.
If it was a player on another team, I would hope I have enough class and good taste to keep my discussions on it to the NHL Talk board. Right now we are just concerned with when or if Dan Snyder even regains conciousness.

Originally Posted by Edge
My comments have everything to do with responsibility, from myself, you, everyone.
So let me get this straight. Seeing two of our own beloved Thrashers get mangled in a horrific car wreck is not enough of a lesson? We need a sermon on responsibility from you, a person none of us even know?

Did you drive past 100+ long skidmarks today? Did you drive past a mangled bnrick and iron fence?

Who made you The Great Voice of Reason for all these boards.

Originally Posted by Edge
you even imply banning me for this? for what? i am not bashing opposing views, i am expressing my own on a subject that goes beyond hockey. for the same reason why if kovalev did the same thng i'd expect there would be a discussion on the rangers board.

I haven't done anything harsh to anyone nor have i broken any rules. i'm not a newbie who doesnt know what to do, i've been here at least as long as you if not longer. now if we're gonna discuss this we will discuss and here both sides to the issue, but don't be trying to pull rank because you're a mod. this isn't an issue that requires that.
There happens to be a 23+ page thread on the topic at the NHL Talk board. I have asked you twice to go there, and you have refused. I am just going to let one of the Supermods deal with this.

I am more than willing to let this small circle of Thrashers fans express their outrage, anger, and grief. And I also respect and appreciate the well wishing and concerns that other hockey fans have for these boys.

But I sure as hell will not tolerate a lecture on the evils of driving from you, not now and not here. Do you not think Dany Heatley is accutely aware of what he did to his good friend? Is Dan Snyder's peacefully comatose body not enough warning for us? What exactly do you expect to accomplish here that the actions of Monday Night have not already done?

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