Thread: Larry Brooks: Rangers will pay if Shelley leaves
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06-28-2010, 08:16 AM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Actually you're wrong. Dane Byers has played 5 NHL games and scored a goal in limited ice time.

He scored the goal doing EXACTLY what this team needs on the lower lines. He was holding his ground in front of the net and scored on a rebound.

Dane Byers does everything Shelley does, but better.

Dale Weise has 2nd line upside.

Please, don't be a hypocrate. If Stepan, Kreider, and Grachev are impressive then so are Byers and Weise. They were integral parts of a PRO hockey team last year.

People ***** about lack of size, "jam" and scoring, and Byers and Weise do all of that.

How do I know their game will translate? Because they play a simple go-straight-to-the-net game. They play north-south. They crash the net. The fight in the corners and on the boards.

That kind of game translates. Please don't mock the AHL. When a 21 year old scores over 20 goals in the AHL it is impressive.

Jody Shelley at 2 years is a waste.

Byers and Weise are ready NOW and its time to see what they have at the NHL level.

You want Prust, fine. But the guy is equally as limited as Shelley. What are his career numbers?

Again, classic case of NYC overrating its mediocre "blue callar" players.
Man, I never get tired of empty, blind, generalized statements like this. Typical HF banter. Oh excuse me. Byers played 5 NHL games and scored a goal. I guess we should extrapolate that over 82 games and since he fights, we should declare he does EVERYTHING that Jody Shelley does but better. Oh boy.

Like I already said, if they impress in camp and earn a spot, they will get it. If Shelley gets outplayed he can play in the minors. It's not even an issue (since he won't be 35 by the time he signs the contract). But to ignore Shelley's performance last season and not even give him an offer and just bank on the possibility that they can fill Shelley's role (which I believe neither player really fits into) is is completely asinine.

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