Thread: Larry Brooks: Rangers will pay if Shelley leaves
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06-28-2010, 08:33 AM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by xxxZENxxx View Post
I think that many posters are missing the point of Brook's article. Shelley was an incredibly important factor in the locker room when he was traded here at the end of last season. Due to various reasons, there had been issues (i.e. dissension) in the locker room leading up to that point that had probably caused the team to hit a downward spiral. Most teammates and observers credit Shelley for fixing that issue. So he is more than just an aging goon to this team at the moment... he basically is their "locker room captain". Posters who are saying to dump him because we can replace him with youth are completely missing the point.

Now does that mean that Brooks is right to resign him to a Brashear contract? I hope not. But understand Shelley's importance to the team before writing him off.
but, but we have capt quaalude..... hes our captain right ?

if we need jody shelley to be our "locker room capt" what exactly does capt quaalude do other than count his money and harken back his little league triumphs ?

gimme a break. were paying a guy 7 mil to be our capt. he doesnt do much on the ice, and now we need someone else to be our locker room capt.


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