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10-01-2003, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Mizral
You don't win many games with a team full of 24 year olds.
Granted, but it isn't like Legwand brings a whole world of experience either... I mean he hasn't even played in the playoffs yet.

Yes, wash. I think if you had Legwand surrounded by the scoring talent on the Oilers and not injured, he would have put up 25 goals and 70 points. The goal scoring is fair to say Comrie is better, but I never felt Comrie was better offensivly than Legwand was. I think anyone stuck with Johansson & Walker as 1st line linemates and miss 18 games and you're 22 years old, you have huge room for improvement and he didn't do too badly with 48 points. I wouldn't be surprised at all for him to outpoint Comrie next year, even pro-rated Comrie.
How about Comrie playing with an ice-cold Anson Carter and Jochen Hecht on his line? Is that scoring talent? I don't think it is. And you cannot simply say that if Legwand hadn't gotten hurt, and if he had so and so as linemates, he would have gotten so many points... sorry doesn't work like that, because I could retaliate by saying that if Comrie didn't have hurt and complacent linemates 2 years ago, he would have gotten 40 goals and 75 points, and if he hadn't hurt himself last year, and played with Hemsky (the way he played at the end) and Smyth all year, he would have gotten 40 goals again and 85 points... but there is nothing to support it. You have to go by what they did. Comrie played in 69 games, but really, 7-10 of those games he shouldn't have played in. Factoring that in, he played 59 games, 19 goals and 29 assists (or 26 goals, 40 assists over 82 games). What I don't get is Legwand has room for improvement, but Comrie doesn't? Did I understand that right?

4 inches is a HUGE HUGE HUGE advantage in today's NHL.
Really... explain exactly how height gives you an advantage in the NHL. I would assume things like balance, quickness (not speed), strength, and intelligence would mean alot more than height. In fact, in most situations, you are told to try and lower your centre of gravity, thereby actually giving an edge to smaller players. Height is only really an advantage if you are carrying the weight behind it, which Legwand is not doing.

Again, difference of opinion. I don't see why you have to be so hostile about it. Yeah, I think Legwand can be another Mike Modano out there. Slap him between a couple decent linemates and in a couple years he could get 80 points playing strong two-way hockey, too!
I am hostile because you severely under-rate practically everyone on Edmonton. Sure, he could be another Mike Modano, or he could be another checking centre that notches 50 points. In either case, goals, which Comrie provides, have a higher value than checking centres.

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