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06-28-2010, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Turboflex View Post
christ who comes up with this ****??

My fiancee was just looking into it since she never got a license, you are now forced to go to school to get your learners permit and they are all at least 800$. This is a big chunk of people's income.

So funny that in the socialist paradise of quebec only rich kids will be able to afford a driving license, is this the 1950s or something??

Hey to the morons in Quebec, if you are concerned about public safety on the road, instead of making it very expensive to get a learners permit, how about your final test a lot harder instead, so people have prepare thouroughly?

getting really tired of this idiotic province that is stuck in the 1970s.
Wouldn't want people to actually know how to drive and be familiar with the rules of the road now would we.

Driving is a privilege that is earned.

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