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Originally Posted by Dr. Octagon View Post
OK, here are some actual numbers (some good graphs in in this one)

So clearly the Flyers are far from one of the best drafting teams. They are in the middle of the pack in regards to draft success. I'm not sure what numbers you were looking at. Their first round picks have been good, especially in the 20's, but after that they are terrible. I know that I was only referring to picks after round 3, but I'll give you serious kudos if you can name the last 2nd round pick that made an impact (without looking it up). Their 2nd rounders (the round that produced Shea Weber, Duncan Keith, Dave Bolland, L. Erikkson, Derek Roy, Paul Martin, etc.) have been embarrasing.

Does my argument make sense?? Do those facts make sense? Pontificating more frequently than everyone else doesn't make you right.
There are flaws in all of these links you included; in particular the time frame (1999-2005 the Flyers did not draft very significantly outside of Pitkanen/Woywitka and goalies). The other flaw is the level of talent found in the draft. Sources I was referencing (and I wished I had saved the link somewhere because I can't for the life of me remember what the hell website did it) included the impact/quality of NHLers as well as the quantity.

Basically, these articles hold the same flaw as HF's "Five Years Later Draft Review." I did the recent one on the 2005 draft class and there were some flaws. It's not a perfect science or easy to quantify in any way, shape, or form, so HF, like these other websites, takes the easy way out. They make it completely subjective and skew it in order to fit needs. HF bases "success" on number of players that have played 10+ games and weigh that against the number of man-games played by the players drafted. It's not perfect at all.

I'm the one who wrote it. Who better to note the flaws in it?

Unfortunately those flaws are inherent unless you look at it objectively AND subjectively. These are the kinds of articles that I could toy with and make up to fit whatever argument I wanted to portray.

The reality of it is that the Flyers have always been one of the best drafting organizations. And now that I have taken a little deeper glance at it, you're sort of right. We haven't necessarily had major success in the 3rd round or beyond. I can guarantee that most other teams do not either.

That said, most of those other teams would kill for our kind of success in the first, particularly the late first, round.

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