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06-28-2010, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Kezia View Post
Wouldn't want people to actually know how to drive and be familiar with the rules of the road now would we.

Driving is a privilege that is earned.
no, now driving is a priviledge for wealthier people, which is a regression of people's mobility.

if you want to create better drivers, you don't have to force them to go to schools, you just need to have a more difficult test?

why should my fiancee have to go to school when I could teach her myself and do a better job than some algerian guy at one of these shady driving schools?? Oh and it won't cost me 800$ either.

I agree that driving is a priviledge, but there are better ways to increase driver quality, such as make the test more difficult, and add more of a punishment for failure (6 months until next try), than forcing people to go to schools.

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