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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
We'll agree to disagree on Rome. After his shaky start to the season I thought he was solid. He's also not small and isn't afraid to mix it up physically.
I said "Basically Rome now has played around 30-40 games steady NHL hockey", which IMO is pretty much the same as yours "After his shaky start to the season I thought he was solid."

Also I didn't mention anything about Rome's physicality, but I agree with you. SOB would beat him in a fight though, but that doesn't really matter.

Originally Posted by Proto View Post
I may have misread you, but you're definitely misreading me now. I understand that O'Brien could answer the bell for Ballard, except for two things: if O'Brien is playing with Ballard something has gone horribly wrong for the Canucks, and O'Brien wouldn't answer the bell anyway. As I mentioned before, he's downy soft. He doesn't fight anymore. Even when he does, he just whines about it afterwards anyway.
First of all the SOB-Ballard pairing was just hypothetical. Possible (with few injuries and/or SOB's good performances), but not likely. Secondly, yes he would. SOB thinks he's good enough player so he doesn't have to go and look for a fight when the team is not playing that well, and I agree with him there. We got far more useless players to do that.

That being said, every scrum there is SOB is always first one to defend his teammates and facewash others, and sometimes taking those stupid minors while doing it. I just can't see a situation where Ballard would lay a massive check and SOB wouldn't go there and try to help him in any way possible.

If you played for the Canucks, there really weren't lots of reasons to fight last year. You know, spontaneous ones. I mean, is the glass gonna challenge someone after Bernier lays the body on it again and again? Don't think so.

Originally Posted by Proto View Post
And you're wrong about him growing up. I saw him out in Vancouver two weeks ago and he looked like he'd put on 20 pounds in vodka and he was smoking. You can choose to believe me or you can choose not to believe me, but I feel fairly comfortable in where I stand on the "Shane O'Brien becoming a professional" scale.
Can't really comment on that. Lots of players do all kinds of stuff during summer, and if that's true it doesn't really surprise me. However, it really has nothing to do with his on-ice performances or maturing on-ice/during the season, and everyone who watched last year's playoffs saw he finally started to grow up (took responsibility on his actions).

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