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06-28-2010, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Ice Poutine View Post
Question: i understand the 'Before' pic but must i really be thinner on the 'After' pic?
The picture is 100% up to you. The original thread was contest based. Whoever made the most progress voted on by others 'wins' but you don't have to do the picture(and not join contest, but can participate and track progress anyway) and really, even if you did, you don't necessarily have to be thinner. It just helps to track your progress. Some people want to bulk up and would get bigger in the after pic. Depends what your goal is obviously.

Originally Posted by Sardo View Post
I will post a pic as soon as my bro comes home with our camera. (Probably crop out the face though?) Also, I say we need to hold some kind of proof (in the pic) that we are starting today, like a newspaper or a certain word written on a piece of paper.
Yah, i'm undecided if i'll crop or not. I hate posing and showing my face, feel like a loser lol. Yes, proof would be nice. I didn't ask for it, but once participants are finalized, we can go ahead with the picture instructions. I assume we'll start within a week or so. So a picture with a newspaper at any point this week would be fine.

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