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06-28-2010, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Balls Mahoney View Post
I'm one of the bigger SOB fans on this board but I defintately wouldn't mind seeing him go. Aside from adequete defense, he doesn't bring a whole lot to this team. He's also disappointing in the physical side of the game. Also, I don't think he has enough talent to be on this team anymore. My only concern with losing SOB would be potentially missing out on an asset by letting his rights expire rather than dealing him.
Plus he provides the team with more off ice difficulties than the rest of the roster combined. He's a third pair d-man and has an attitude doesn't fit that role.

Some people think either he or Bieksa will be gone before the season starts but I think both will be gone.

I know for a fact that Evander Kane works out in the gym for a few hours each day and skates out at Richmond every day. That's what an NHL player should be doing if he wants to improve. What's O'Brien doing? is he hungover? is he going to the Roxy tonight to hit on some 18 year olds? The guy came back out of shape after a 2 week break. He's pathetic, immature and needs to go.

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