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06-28-2010, 03:47 PM
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Name:Kevin/ overlords

Goal: 250 would be cool, but i'm not hung up on numbers. Despite what it might sound like, i don't LOOK like some fat mother****er, just big. My goal is to change from being ' that big guy' to 'that big guy who looks like he's in really good shape'

Main motivator: I like working out, and breaking personal records is really fun. I work as a bouncer and used to work as a body guard, so i needed mass, ANY mass, for work. Now I'm head of security for a group that does raves and parties so i have people working under me, so I can afford to not be the go-to muscle. Also, girls rarely take big guys all too seriously.

Biggest obstacle: bad eating habits, terrible sleep cycle. I know enough about fitness and working out to know that there are 3 determining factors, Sleep, Nutrition and activity. Rarely do two of those work out when the other is complete garbage. I was put on ritalin when I was very young and it seemingly wrecked my eating habits. I'll rarely eat before 5 pm, this likely shuts down my metabolism and makes losing weight (and gaining muscle) that much harder.

(sorry, this is the only picture of me where you can see my torso, not trying to show off having a gf, she's a good friend of mine and this was a while ago)

edit: were we supposed to crop out faces? oh well.

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