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Originally Posted by tomerez
I don't know if the Leafs are "cursed", to be cursed I think there has to be a certain degree of "supernatural" or coincidental occurences that prevent your team from winning. In the case of the Leafs, I think for the most part its been that we simply have not iced the best team in the league.

Closest thing to a curse I can think of is the incident where Kerry Fraser did not call Gretzky sticking Gilmour in '92 and Gretzky scoring in OT while he should have been in the box.

But then again, I'm young and ignorant of the full history of the Leafs, no matter the amount of my life I've dedicated to them.

I don't think anyone will forget that incident involving Gretzky and Gilmour. Did you know that just last year Kerry apologized for missing that call. He acknowledged his mistake and said he was sorry. What the heck is sorry good now?

He even went on to say that his father was receiving threats where he lived.

Then there's that Bill Barilko story. If you don't know, in short it goes something like this:

Bill Barilko scored arguably the most famous goal in Maple Leaf history in Game Five of the 1951 Stanley Cup Final. This overtime marker against Montreal's Gerry McNeil clinched the seventh championship in franchise history. Sadly, it would be the last triumph for Barilko. Later that summer, he disappeared in a plane crash north of Cochrane, Ontario. In an ironic twist of fate, the Maple Leafs did not win another Stanley Cup until 1962, the same year that his remains were finally found.

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