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Originally Posted by Brisequoi View Post
A couple Christmases ago, just before I hit my "mid 30s" I stepped on a scale and noticed that I was pushing 235 lbs. At 6 foot 3 my weight never really ended up in one place (like my gut) so I never really noticed the gains; except for increasingly worse back and stress on my knees playing hockey. So, enough was enough and I'm down to a "cut" 190. The secret? It's simple: eat less, move more!

I stepped up the amount of hockey I play (2 teams plus a drop in every couple of weeks), got into a routine with a workout before and immediately after work; got rid of the gas-self-propelled lawn mower in favor of an old-school push mower and quickly dropped the weight and gained all my muscle back from when I was playing a lot more in my teens and early twenties.

I cannot say this enough: I eat and drink exactly the same stuff as I always did...just less of it. Pretty soon, you simply can't eat such huge portions and the cravings for breads and pasta start to fade. I found totally cutting stuff right out of the diet was a recipe for failure. So, 4 simple words to live by: eat less, move more.

Good luck, all!
Pretty much what I have done over the last 5 years. I am 5'7" and weigh 159 lbs right now, could lose another 5. A few years ago I was pushing 180.

I have a fitness and diet regimen that has worked for thus far. I try to get to the gym 3 to 5 times a week and at each session I keep the intensity level at high. Other things I do to maintain my weight are long walks (10 to 15 km range), parking far away from the place I am going to, and taking the stairs whenever I can. As for diet, I eat roughly six times a day and make sure that I start off the day with a whole-grain cereal because it keeps me full much longer than a white bagel or something like corn flakes. Junk-foods are not off limits but I do eat them in moderation. However, the two things I try to stay clear of are fast foods and alcohol. Having a six pack that night while watching the game = 900-1000 calories. That is almost half your daily caloric intake; not a good way to allocate your calories!

Good luck to everyone and hope you reach your fitness goals!

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