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06-28-2010, 06:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Stjonnypopo View Post
He's been awesome the past week or two, so the rumor he's following has probably got some wheels
HOW has he been awesome. All he ever does is make up vague rumours and then when something actually DOES happen, it get announced by someone via Twitter (IE: Bob Mackenzie) and he immediatly posts it on his board as though he's announced it himself.

The guy has ZERO credibility, and I have never ever heard of him actually being THE GUY who breaks a story... EVER.

This is the same guy who announced on Sportsnet Deadline day that Ryan Smyth had resigned with Edmonton, and 30 seconds later Bob Mackenzie is reporting that he's been traded.

There was one time when James Duthie was on the Team1040 afternoon show with Pratt and Taylor and they were having one of their 'TSN vs Sportsnet' sessions and I remember Taylor making a joke about something TSN had done and all Duthie said was "Yeah, how did that Eklund thing work out".

I can't believe his links are allowed to be posted here as 'Rumours', and yet if I blatantly make up a trade rumour, the thread would get locked.

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