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06-28-2010, 05:45 PM
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I play on a beer league team with similar problems. We have a few players that are simply cones. They've been playing for years and have almost zero improvement, and there will be no more improvement. This isn't an overly harsh assessment either - I actually give them credit for having a lot of courage to get out there in-game with such limited ability. It's just a matter of starting late, not being in shape, not their sport, etc. etc...

You have to spread them around to limit the disadvantage, and therefore you are very locked as to what lines you can put together. Aside from one line with all decent forwards, the other lines are almost like penalty kills to some extent. We manage to do well b/c our better players have good chemistry and can carry the load.

It's tough since other teams tend to sand-bag it a bit, and if they can field 2 or 3 o.k. lines with moderately good skaters, you're in for a long nite. The team itself is very cool, everybody is nice and so that's a big advantage. It can get a bit frustrating though - if you are on a bad line, chances are you are not getting 5 to 10 more touches a game. Plus, hockey is expensive and no matter how laid back you are, winning has some importance.

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