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06-28-2010, 08:17 PM
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Originally Posted by thefeebster View Post
Haha, i guess i am still learning. Just frustrating when i'm looking at my left foot and its not doing like i asked. Ha.

Would it be beneficial to get a sharper left skate than right?
It took me one hour to learn how to hockey stop with my left foot out front (turning/facing to the right) but I am lefthanded, and my left foot is more "controlleable," and about 6 weeks to get comfortable stopping with my right foot out front.

The method that finally got me over the hump was the snow plow, ie., wedge stop, or pointing your skates inward as you came to a stop like this: / \

After getting comfortable wedge-stopping, I began to turn to the right, and this led me to be able to hockey stop both ways comfortably...this video was very helpful:

Don't know who this company is, but their videos are superb.

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