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06-28-2010, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Fataldogg View Post
Why would one of the best shut down defense men in the NHL, whom is only 23 years of age w/ his offensive game coming around, can log 25+ minutes against the opposing teams top players in an effective manner, etc, not attract an offer sheet? Like I said, he's not a 40-point center like Brandon Dubinsky whom didn't receive an offer sheet. He's one of the best up and coming shut down defense men in the NHL. Big difference. I'd honestly be shocked if he didn't receive an offer sheet.

He has a lot more leverage than Dubinsky in the same situation.

This comes down to Sather not knowing how to manage contracts and his star talent. Nothing more. You can argue he is just trying to do his "job" but he wouldn't have to do this to players like Staal if he invested in his team more rationally. It comes down to mismanagement as a GM not knowing how to handle his star talent. Staal is worth $3 - $4 million.

Don't you think he should have thought of Staal as a RFA when he signed Redden to $6.5 million and Rozi to $5 million? Good GM's foresee these things playing out in the future and plan their contracts around when key players come off the books IF they desire to resign them. They don't put their team in a stale mate and struggle to sign youthful stars because they mismanaged other contracts on their team.

This is so off bases it's insane. The people who are commenting like this and going nutso on Staal's behalf know absolutely NOTHING about restricted free agency and prove it every time they post.

We get it. You guys like him. He's our best defender. Redden shouldn't make so much.

Nothing you can say changes reality and how these situations work.

News flash: life is not fair. Neither is the CBA and crap like this for RFA's.

But this is necessary and appropriate. And Staal should have no beef.

It's proper negotiatiating from both sides and it will get worked out.

If you really think some team is going to be dumb enough to offer him a sheet for 3.5-4 million then you know absolutely NOTHING about RFA's and nothing about how GM's feel about this sort of thing. And if a GM did he would rue the day.

Get over it. He'll be here next year and he'll be here for the price the team decides, while at the same time knowing he's their guy and in a few years he's going to cash out.

End of story.

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