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10-01-2003, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by nomorekids
i'm staying out of this argument(for once) because i think the old comrie vs legwand debate is never going to be resolved..but i will say says something that a lot more oilers fans would rather have legwand than comrie...whereas hardly any preds fans would rather have comrie than legwand. if we had both...comrie would center the second line, and legwand would remain the top-line center.
I think Oiler fans just want Comrie, or someone to replace him... and I don't see how you can say that Comrie would be the second line centre, as I am pretty sure that isn't your job.

I just had to point out that I believe you're looking at an outdated stat for legwand. several places(including the preds website) had him listed as 190 pounds...which he hasn't been, since the beginning of last season. he now weighs in at 210, which makes him not 15 pounds heavier than comrie, but 35. 4 inches and 35 pounds is a pretty substantial difference.
Possibly, but seeing as Comrie never took a physical with Edmonton this year, his is out-dated, and he spent all summer doing heavy weight training, which most likely means that he gained weight as well, but of course it is impossible to tell at this time. And btw, where did you ever see that Legwand is 210? Everywhere it is listed at 190... even on the NHLPA site he is listed at 190, and they are pretty good at keeping things up to date. Sorry, there have been enough BS posts for me to simply take someones word... no offense intended.

I also think that Legwand is more than just "good" defensively. Legwand is every bit as good defensively as Comrie is offensively. the difference is...Legwand has the ability, and likely will...get much better offensively.
And Comrie cannot get better defensively? In his first full year, Comrie performed relatively well in his own end. If he is able to build on that, then Comrie has the ability, and likely will get much better offensively.

Look the Predators record versus the Stars, last year...we absolutely owned them...and a lot of that has to do with the fact that Modano was SHUT DOWN by Legwand.
Well seeing as Legwand only played 2 games against the Stars, that is a little mis-leading.... that's like saying Comrie owned the Devils because Comrie lit up Brodeur.

His offensive game isn't just hasn't caught up yet, and was showing signs of doing so last year...and will continue to do so, this year. I see Legwand as a 30-35\55-65 type of guy, when all is said and done, and I don't think the Modano comparison is as lofty as some think.
It may not have caught up, but that is the NHL for you. There are tonnes of guys who lit up junior that can't even come close to doing the same in the NHL. Yes he had a breakthrough season... but can he match it? Can he stay healthy, which he hasn't been able to do the past 2 seasons?

This isn't a Legwand bash here. He is developing into a solid 2 way player, but at the same time, to say he is more valuable than someone who is younger, been in the league less and has out-scored him, as well as a player who was named the top prospect in the NHL, is insane.

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