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10-01-2003, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by aneirin
Didn't say he had questionable character, just questionable judgement.
Ahh, I see. Becuase Brett Lindros had his career ended by consusions, Eric Lindros has horrible judgement. Becuase Lindros does not like Clarke, he has bad judgement.

"Not this

Asked if he wants to be claimed, Barnaby said it was "an easy question" and people could draw their own conclusions"

I FINALLY see your point. I can clearly tell from this how Barnaby is 1) a primadonna 2) a kiss-ass 3) two-faced 4) a disruption in the locker room.
I can clearly see how a person who when asked if they wanted to be claimed of wiavers responds by saying it's an easy question, is obviously a locker room disruption. And saying that peopel can draw their own conclusions is EXACTLY the words of a promadonna. I thik I saw those very words in the primadonna by-laws.

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