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Originally Posted by Sharp Skates View Post
''toning'' is simlpy a buzz-word used to get people to buy into gimmick workouts/products. Size is most definitely the way to go if you want to get a great beach-body. The amount of work it takes to get ''big muscles that scare girls'' is severly underestimated. If you want size, it could mean you're not very muscular and you're looking to get at, say, Taylor Lautner level. It took him 9 months of training with world class personal trainers, nutritionists and all the free time in the world while in a high-testosterone growth phase and he certainly doesn't scare the ladies.

The point is, training for size and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy followed by a quick diet to lose the excess body fat is the fastest way to get the ''hot body'' (which is what I meant when I mentioned getting the attention of the opposite sex).

Thread hijack!
But my point is when you have to spend so much time to look good it only detracts from the results. It's not perceived as "cool" to spend hours upon hours trying to look good. Even Taylor Lautner , who's body your using as an example, spent 9 months of long days and a punishing diet to get that body. I don't doubt that there are millions of women that find him hot, however, any girl with a brain (which usually comes in adulthood) will realize that a man who spends so much of his life and time dedicated and working on his biceps, pecks and abs ...... needs to get a life! That's a turn-off. (IMO).

Sure, if you're a super model, or an athlete, and making lots of money.... you can justify the obsession with the fact that you're making a living out of this.

For the record, I think it's important to be healthy - but for most normal men with busy lives, the amount of time and restrictions it takes to get that beach body is retarded. I play ball hockey 3 times per week, when I get back home I do some pull ups on my doorway mounted pull-up bar. I also have the perfect push-up thing, which I find works very well. Once or twice a week I use my bench and dumbells to quickly work out my back, chest, shoulders, arms and then finish off with some squats (after my hockey).... In total I do about 45 minutes to 1 hour of weights per week, and 5 hours of hockey.... Sure I avoid eating too much junk, but I don't torture myself either...I eat lots of veggies and avoid eating too much junk or heavy foods. No fancy diet either.

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