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06-29-2010, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by twosaints View Post
That depends on how focused you are on the idea of "beach body", though. When you speak about something ideal it can evoke a number of different things for different people. I do kind of agree about the overly-into oneself thing though. My bf is slim but cut and in very good shape, because he does martial arts and soccer several times a week. I swim and work out at home - I do it partly to keep up with him, but also for health benefits. I want him to keep at it cause he's healthy and yeah, he looks good as a result, but I don't expect him to have whatever this ideal of a "beach body" is. We're both happy to simply keep fit and subsequently to do stuff together (hiking, playing sports together, etc). Being overly concerned about it is definitely a turn-off, especially if you're in a serious relationship imo.
So we agree

I do 5 hours of hockey (3 times per week) , and lets say ~ 1 hour of weights (20 minutes each time after hockey) ... I'll do pullups and pushups sporadically during the day and also after hockey (post weights).

Sure I can add more , but if I do , it's certainly going to be something like hiking, walking, maybe some biking... ie: activities ... and not pumping iron in front of a mirror.

To each their own, and I am in no way trying to disrespect the fitness weightlifting guru's ... just trying to give a different perspective to all this, especially for the people who are just starting.

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