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06-29-2010, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Bookman View Post
That was one of the aspects of the forum that drove me away as well. If you only stop in once in a while, a 50 page thread is a disincentive to participate. Obviously you don't want multiple threads on the same topic, but specific topics shouldn't be lumped into a general one imo.

It was frusterating at because (I can't think of a specific example now so I'll make one up) But you'd see a 50 page thread that said 2010 UFA list and then you'd want to know some more info on if Mike Modano was retiring or not so you'd scan through several pages and see nothing so you'd start a thread about it & someone would be like "We already talked about that, read the 2010 UFA thread maggot!"

It's like, ya, I understand that it may have already been broughten up, but in a 50+ page thread, I'm not going to read every single page trying to find 2 tidbits of info about 1 guy... Maybe this is a poor example, like I said, I just made it up, but I'm the group that would rather have several more specific threads over just a few giant threads...

I can see benefits to both styles, but for building a base on here, I think it's beneficial to have more specific threads then a few general ones. The multipage ones can be overwhelming & as bookman mentioned it's "disincentive" because alot of casual posters might feel hesitant to post in such a large thread or they may lose interest because they don't want to sift thru multiple pages of posts just to find 1 bit of info. Also, it might be the asssumption that the info they wanted has already been covered and they'll get fanned by others if they bring it up again...

Sadly, lingering effects of a hostile boards... ( I have heard several posters mention that they just don't post because of all the jerks that rip people apart over the most minor of offenses, I know we're good about that here but if you're used to trolling the boards, those little things might be the difference between getting some fresh posters & people only coming to read & leave...)

Just my opinion tho, I could very well be off base with it...

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