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06-29-2010, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by twosaints View Post
Different strokes for different folks, but speaking for myself as a chick, I'm not into ridiculously cut, every-bulge-of-muscle-visible. Toned is fantastic (I want my man to look like a man) but you don't need to look like Zeus.

^^ Cut but not disproportionately, or bulky.

I have the same issue in terms of working out when it comes to building muscle. I want to be toned, but at the back of my mind there's the constant mantra of "men like girls built like straight lines" which I know is not a universal fact (though some would have you believe it is) so half the time I feel like I have to hold back, god forbid my arms have definition or my calves curve out at any point.
I agree, and by cut I certainly do not mean bulging muscles, I'd say it's a bit like the statue, with maybe a bit more muscle mass. To me that's a beach body.

Also you have to understand that unless you have some very special genetics, you will not gain enough muscle to turn off men with only the occasional workout. The arms are pretty much the only place you'll risk having noticeable muscles. Squat, Lunge and stiff-legged deadlift are your friends to get great legs and glutes (your rear) and you should try avoiding exercices that work your obliques with heavy weights to keep a good waist to hip ratio .

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