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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Or how about seeing "I <3 Cal Clutterbuck" and "bring back the North Stars!" threads every five minutes?
I swear those were the only threads ever made during the board's deadest time. It was funny though to come by every three days and see one post made by another team's fan wondering why the Wild didn't have the North Stars' name though.

Originally Posted by se7en View Post
I totally understand what you're saying, I honestly could argue either side of the issue.. We have a NHL fans board as well as our CBS one & on both those sites we have the huge, 10,000+ post threads going were all us regulars just post in a continuos, on going thread... And I love it! BUT, I can see how that is uninviting to new people because you almost feel like you're intruding on a private club or something...

But again, I'm fine with however we go about it here, you have made it a fun, & comfortable place to post & I will have no compalints about whatever direction we choose to go with for format & thread generality... I was just throwing in my 2 cents that as we grow, smaller threads on more specific of topics may help with getting potential new posters to contribute more comparred to long, continous, more general threads.. But again, this all just an opinon from one person (me) so I don't want to appear like i'm speaking on everyones behalf. I could be in the minority for all I know..

basically, I think you're doing a great job with the site gopher & I will support any way you want to go with it.
I understand exactly what you are saying. HF doesn't have threads over 1,000 posts so the large megathreads don't happen as much here as it does on other boards if hypothetically a thread reached 1,000 posts (the draft one almost doubled the previous high). After thinking about it and looking at what has happened organically, my take on the matter is this: There are a few subjects which work out well to have one large thread (games, other sports since this is a Wild board, the large trade thread so bad ones don't clutter the board and general OT thread) but for discussing other aspects of the Wild it works better to have many small ones. The big ones serve their own purpose while there's really only one "uninviting" thread (the general OT thread) for those who don't post that much.

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