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06-29-2010, 03:16 PM
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Ohhh gosh, nystrom. You have no idea how that simple instruction helped me hahah.

I went out to a public skate today and really tried to work on my left edge stopping. Got it down!! Just by wedge stopping. By the end of the session, i was able to one foot stop on my left edge.

I think the key tip they gave in the video was the shaving the ice. The previous times i've went, i had troubles even standing still and shaving the ice. That kind of got me thinking it was my sharpening, because it should be relatively easy to shave the ice standing still. But i couldn't even do that and when i tried it was choppy at best. But once i got the shaving down, moved on to the wedge stop, and then the one foot, everything got much easier.

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