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06-29-2010, 03:29 PM
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i do agree that the equipment doesn't make the player, but since he's getting gifts and have most of the gear already, might as well spend the money getting highend gear 1 at a time. the trend i see everybody on my hockey team is that they end up buying higher end stuff by their 2nd or 3rd year anyways. oh and highend doesn't always equal big bux, like some have said, previous year highend is still highend but very close to mid level prices, and pro stock is usually pretty affortable. just have to look for deals rather than going to a place like sportchek paying retail.

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He's trying not to break the bank. High end gear is of course better but not necessary and something I'd only recommend to people with disposable financial resources to spare.

However, since this is not the case, having low end gear is not going to steal the fun out of hockey or make you any less of a player. Great players will always be great no matter how low-tech the gear, sucky players will always suck no matter how high-tech the gear.

Hell, some of the best players in my area have huge holes in their glove palms, 2 piece sticks, ripped out pants, and unmatching socks. Come to think of it, that's pretty bad @$$ in it's own way.

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