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06-29-2010, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
I think it has with respect to amateur participation which continues to grow, however much much more should be done by the member clubs & the NHL itself in establishing roller-hockey leagues, camps & clinics, financial support & assistance in arena development & the creation & ongoing sponsorships' of amateur leagues from Tyke's to Midget's. If the leagues stated philosophy was & is "growing the game in non-traditional markets south of the Mason-Dixon" you cant do it by simply plunking down an arena & team. Sure growth will occur but as we've all seen likely only after years of bleeding red-ink, talk of relo's, bankruptcies & contraction. Dallas has done a fairly decent job in that regard, however on the business side, even Tom Hicks' will tell anyone willing to listen that the cap & revenue sharing models' busted & needs fixing absent a lucrative national TV contract. If I'm dropping $100M-$250M+ to buy an existing team I'd like to know & have the NHL match me dollar for dollar in a further investment in minor hockey in the city & state in which I've set my sails. If outright expansion, then the league should be re-investing 25%+ of that fee back into the market for the good & "growth of the game". I thinks its fantastic that nearly 30% of the top Draft picks this year were Americans. If expansion is on the horizon anytime soon as opposed to relocation, then start spending in places like Phoenix, Nashville, Atlanta etc today on minor hockey. Where are tomorrows stars supposed to come from in a 35-40 team league?. Will these franchises even survive until that day comes without cultivation & community benevolence through support of minor hockey & education?. Dont think so. Talk is cheap, and to date all I've seen from the league is sloganeering & rhetoric about growing the game out of one side of their mouth while asking for money out of the other, providing zero support to struggling owners short of the revenue sharing, & failing to give back to the communities in any meaningful way. Just sayin.
You do make some very good points and your post would be a lot easier to read if you broke it up in to paragraphs.

We're seeing the effect of Gretzky to LA trade for sure now. Remember some players like Bobby Ryan aren't credited with being from LA but spent formative years there.

Players coming from TN,AL, FL, GA will take time but I agree with the guy above me that more could be done to speed up the process.

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