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06-29-2010, 06:15 PM
The Tikkanen
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I would advise these players to play in the proper division. Being a human cone on a team will do nothing but waste their money and **** of the guys on the team. Hockey is a team sport and rec league games are not where guys should be learning how to play. Earn your spot on the proper team by playing pickup or taking power skating classes and work your way up from the bottom. There are a TON of leagues where beginners can play and prying your way onto an intermediate team is not one of them. Earn your spot. The really good hockey players you see in rec leagues were not born good hockey players. They worked at their game, put in the time and hard work and got better slowly. So if you're surprised that some guys get mad who have been working theit butts off to get to where they're at and then some guy that just discovered the sport is on their team asking what icing is you don't understand human beings. If you're a human cone and you know you're a human cone there is a human cone league for you to play in with other human cones. Don't leave it to the team to drop you, man up and move down on your own. Go to the rink director and ask him to move you down, it's not that hard.

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