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06-29-2010, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by flyer View Post
I used the Rebook 10k glove last season in 13". Do you know how much longer fingers the Eagle gloves have in 14" compared to the 10k, 13"?

I'm very picky with the thumb beeing really flexible, how about the Eagle gloves?
A 14" eagle, IE PPF, X6, X72, instead of PPFi or PPF+(for example), would fit you. I'd consider the 13" version of the 2010 gloves but 14" from original to 2009. I think you'd like the PPFs in fit, specifically the 08 or maybe the 09 models. BUT the PPFs have a lock thumb, this means the thumb doesn't move, only the tab attaching the thumb pocket to the thumb allows movement. I actually prefer this but if you're a fan of a flex thumb, I don't think you'd like it. The PFX should(I'm not sure) fit like the PPF but is made overseas, I don't believe these have a lock thumb.

The X6 is an Asian made glove(as opposed to most being in Canada), which has a lock thumb(only on the X6). The X88 and X95s also have lock thumbs.

I don't believe any generation of the X72 has a lock thumb(the original definitely didn't have one), but it's not a flex thumb, it's a flexible thumb. Meaning there is no joint to flex, the plastic is a single piece but is flexible.

If you'd like, I can post pictures of the difference in flex between a X72(my custom pair) and a PPF+(retail) lock thumb.

Honestly, if you like the 10Ks... I'd say to either try the CCM retail line, stay with Reebok, try the Bauer Vapor line or the Warrior AK gloves. With Bauer and Warrior you may want to go down a size because of finger length.

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