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06-29-2010, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by franchise player View Post
Well, the guy going 45 minutes per day is going to end up better looking since going for too long is counter-productive. Actually 45 minutes is closer to the sweet-spot than 90 minutes.

As for the pictures, you're absolutely right. The first one is a model who probably played with carbs and salt to get ripped for that exact photoshoot, and it's highly manipulated with lightning. Having a good tan, like Pitt in fightclub also helps tremendously in order to look bigger and more ripped.

As for carrying a low bodyfat for extended time periods, it is indeed unhealthy. Especially the kind of bodyfat that bodybuilders reach for their shows. As for Pitt in fightclub, there's no way he's at 5%... More like 6.5% going by eye.
Does the workout time matter really that much? And at what point does the workout begin?

I mean, say I'm squatting and I go up in weight as a warm up. Does my workout start at the warm up or at my first work set? If it starts at my warm up, I just wasted 10-15minutes. And would cardio after training count in the 45 minutes?

I usually go 1h - 1h10 after warm up, is that too much? Does it even matter? I'm like you btw, I just like sports and training.

And Pitt looks like he's 150lbs in that pic lol, at most.

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