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06-30-2010, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
Don't be a pompous jerk, dude, because there are plenty of times when your opinions (of the ridiculous homer variety, normally) aren't worth reading, either. I'm getting tired of you fancying yourself some kind of hockey expert -- and don't for a second try to tell me you don't think of yourself that way -- just because you happened to get a gig writing for this site. Guess what, once upon a time I wrote for this site, too -- it's not really a difficult position to attain.
I had a post typed about how I'm not really a jerk or arrogant; that I just don't take too kindly to getting attacked just because I'm a Staff Member and everyone wants to prove their opinions are better than mine.

But I decided my personality is not an appropriate discussion here. If you don't like me, then message me. I will address your concerns personally. I'm a nice guy and easy enough to get along with.

I can assure you though that my apparent arrogance has nothing to do with my position. Neither do my opinions. They are mine, and just because you do not see eye to eye with me does not make me a homer or arrogant. I'm allowed to defend myself, particularly against being called a homer.

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