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Originally Posted by Habs Fan in NJ View Post
I'm not sure where you're mistaken, so I'll explain everything again.

Perhaps I should'nt have used the word overhaul.

Currently, I own a helmet, stick, skates, and shin pads, all of which are new and I am very happy with. I own a pair of gloves my friend gave me, which aren't so good, so I want to replace as soon as I get everything else.

I need shoulder pads, elbow pads, and whatever setup I'm going to do for my pants, probably a girdle and shell.

I am not on that much of a budget, I can afford some quality stuff, I just don't want to be an ******* when my mother is getting me all of this as a gift and go out and get all top of the line things. Which is unnecessary anyway, as I am only recreational trying to get better for now.
Others have already touched down on this; the shoulders and elbows really don't need much money allocated to them. For the best value right now, here is what I would suggest; - These run large (long) so think about going a size smaller if you are borderline.

For shoulder pads, if you can find a deal for a higher-tier piece than go for it. I found some Jofa/RBKs at my pro shop for $35 and they are amazing, but they were also half off. If you can't find that, something like this would suffice.

Pants are also up to you. If you want a lot of hip protection then look for a model that is stacked in that area; otherwise, go for something that someone else has recommended.

For the gloves, you can save that for later unless you can tell they are impeding your progress. I splurged and bought 4-Rolls right after I bought my first pair because of how nice they were but in retrospect it was a waste and I could have saved $90.

Also check out, since they have a lot of gear reviews that you could look at when trying to buy gear.

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