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03-28-2005, 02:53 AM
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Your biggest heartbreak ever

This is different than the worst moment in hockey thread, although related.

My team was a fairly average team throughout the year, and we had our ups and downs. We made a turnaround when A cancer on the team was kicked off, and we started coming together really well. Our teams goals were winning provincials and we talked about it every single practice. THe same team had lost in the finals the year before, although I wasnt on it. IN fact i had won 1 single playoff game in my life coming into this season. Anyways I daydreamed every single day about winning it. This was like Stanley cup to me, no lie.

So playoffs roll around, and we brush aside every team going 6-0. During the 3 week layoff between playoffs and provincials, all I do is daydream about getting that winning goal in the finals(key part). All the team talks about it winning the damn thing and bringing it home as has been done only once in this assosiations history. The returnees keep saying how our chances are even better than the previous year.

SO Provincials come, and we maul our way through with a perfect 4-0 record through the round robins, with the best goal differential, best defense, etc. etc. Finally the semi's come along against Trail. Their goalie is injured and will be easy to beat. Their defense is suspect. THey are a much worse team to put it flatly. So when the game starts, we get 4 straight penalties to start and they get a lucky goal to go ahead. For the rest of the game we were all over them, getting shot after shot on this "injured" goalie, but no luck. During a flurry in the second period, our team goes nuts trying to get a goal, but we miss an open net. Immediately after, the puck is cleared and it goes right to a Trail player who is coming on to replace an injured player who was deep in our zone. He is wide open and scores on a breakaway. We looked down and out but came out flying again in the 3rd, scoring 13 seconds in. Surely with 19:47 left we could get one right? NO. For the next 16 minutes shot after shot is blocked and then flipped out of the zone. On their first chance of the period they score on an unbeleivable shot. We kept trying but it was no use. It ended 4-1.

Perhaps the way I told it doesnt do it justice but this is an unbeleivably hard loss. People were crying. Aside from the 3rd place game(which we won) this was the last game of my career, so this was sickening. I felt a predominant sad, disgusting, sick feeling for the next 3 or 4 days. We stayed in the same hotel as the eventual winners(whom we had beaten earlier) and we saw them celebrating with the medals around their necks. I dont know if anything(sportswise) could feel worse than losing a flukey game that you were expecting to win, and that ending your career.

Anybody else with some bitter memories out there to share?

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