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03-28-2005, 07:40 AM
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Where are some good places to get cheap equipment online?

I've had OUTSTANDING results with E-Bay. I got a pair of never used 752 tacks, top of the line back in 1997 (remember the pump? :lol ) for 45 bucks (American). They retailed for like $300 back then, as I recall. I honestly do not mind wearing "vintage" skates, as they were top of the line fairly recently and I had a pair just like them during my travel hockey days that I loved to death and wore until they literally fell apart during the middle of a game.
I also got a pack of 3 Joe Thornton blades for $30, and I have honestly love the crap out of them. Nice heel curve that's almost flat.

The only thing I've had trouble finding on there are some decent pants. I've heard good things about, but does anyone else know of any other good sites to get "last year's model" (or even older. Believe me, I'm not picky) for dirt cheap?

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