Thread: Speculation: Extension for Mikko Koivu
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06-30-2010, 11:54 AM
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The problem that GMs have is that the "fair value" of players is constantly being re-adjusted. Even with recent cap increase, there is less cap space than ever. Also, just because another GM gave out a contract for a similiar player doesn't mean that is the intelligent value of your player's contract. It could be that the other GM is an idiot.

Take the story of Gomez, Havlat, and Frolov. While they play C, RW, and LW respectively, and have major differences, they are essentially 2nd line players on a top team, 1st line players on a bottom team, and are expected to put in around 65 points.

A few seasons ago, Gomez got around 7 million.

Last season, Havlat got 5 million, but he probably lost 1 million because of injures. If healthy, his true UFA salary probably would have been around 6 million.

Now, Frolov is going to a UFA, and will probably get around 5 million.

In all of these cases, the value of the player drops immediately after the free agency period, because less cap space is available league-wide. Kind of like a new car. It drops in value immediate after you drive it off the lot. League salaries are dropping every year. I just hope players like Koivu realize that.

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