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06-30-2010, 12:03 PM
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Montreal was a team he and his agent were looking at looking at
Spoke to Gauthier about his possible role in Montreal
Is it possible you sign with the Canadiens: Absolutely
Many people dream of wearing the jersey, would be an honor to wear it
Grew up in norhtern ontario, only four hours away from his family
His parents told him about all the stuff he could do in Montreal and being close to them.
His wife and kids are excited, so is he
If he can play on a team that wins, that what's important
The title is not what's important, rather how much you can help the team
Nice to be a starter, but winning the Stanley cup is the main the goal
Said at first if he goes to FA, he could maybe go back to Nashville, then he said probably not since the writing is on the wall with the signing of Pekka Rinne
Really hopes something can work out.

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