Thread: On the Radio: Messier on WFAN this morning
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06-30-2010, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by MSG the place to be View Post
Im a fan. Their ratings speak for themselves. Much better than Imus did and much better than the competition in the morning drive. Hard to argue against the show with how successful they have been.
Ratings indicate popularity, not quality. There must be a whole lot of people out there that found "Everybody Loves Raymond" funny, but I've never met one of them and the knowledge that somebody finds this amusing doesn't stop me from wanting to hurl the remote at the screen whenever it comes on. Obviously, my opinions are my own.

I was an Imus fan. The thing about Imus is that he never masqueraded as a sports guy. His sporting opinions were asinine and he more or less admitted it. He was a grumpy, surely, old man and that is all he ever professed to be. And I found him funny. Boomer and Carton want you to think they're knowledgeable sports guys (and you have to figure that Boomer is on some level because of his experience alone), but in reality they never go deeper than repackaging the prevailing opinion of the city's sports writers in a more ridiculous fashion. They're shallow and sensationalist; it's dumb radio that isn't particularly funny.

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