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03-28-2005, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Dooney & Bourke
Well you just might see some Ice Dogs as replacement players too

Seriously though, The NHL put an offer out and the PA was just not willing to negotiate in good faith IMO on the players behalf.
a) most ice dogs are either too young to compete in the nhl, or wont play as they are under nhlpa agents

b) the nhl's offers were put out knowing they would be rejected. the owners never wanted the PA to accept, which is evident by the last-drive for an uncancellation when the owners made it look like they were willing to talk numbers but in reality they went back on the QO and Arbitration stances to widen the gap. the owners are the only ones bargaining in bad faith here, they just have the media swinging public perception in their favor.

and if you think goodnow isnt bargaining on the players behalf then you're an idiot

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