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Originally Posted by Injektilo View Post
This is true... in warmups guys are always blasting away at the boards or the goalie, and then when the game starts, they take what, one or two slapshots the whole game? Some of which are just clearing the zone type things? Meanwhile, they're making about 50-60 passes and taking a bunch more wrist shots than slappers.

Slapshots look great and all, and they're fun to practice, but unless you're a D-man playing the point on the PP a lot, you're better off practicing your passing and taking quick wristshots. Nothing annoys me more than a guy on my team who gets the puck in a great spot, then has to stop and windup for a big slapshot, not realizing that an opposition player is coming right into the lane and about to deflect it away. A simple wristshot would have been more accurate and actually gotten the puck on net.
This was just my own personal development, but I developed my slap shot first (I play defense). Big wind up, big shot, yadda yadda yadda. After I knew I could put a lot of power into a shot, then I started working on shortening my back swing and maintaining a good amount of velocity and accuracy. I started out needing a full back swing, to regularly using a half wind up, to the point where, should I need to get that quick shot off, there basically is no backswing (closest thing I guess is a snap shot?). I suppose learning to take a slap shot properly got my body used to things like the weight transfer, proper hand/arm technique, and follow through, to the point where I could shorten the motions and still have a good shot.

Sort of like practicing things with exaggerated motions until the process becomes second nature.

Sometimes, though, an opportunity to fire a slapper is too good to pass up

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