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06-30-2010, 02:54 PM
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That "woosh" you just heard was out Stanley Cup chances going out the window. This is such a stupid move. Free agency begins TOMORROW for crissakes. The Flyers reportedly offered Turco $2 million, but he turned it down. Maybe they were worried some team would offer Leighton a ton of money and they wouldn't be able to sign any of the free agent goaltenders if Leighton got snatched off the market. And then, we'd be going into next season with Boosh as our starter, which wouldn't be good either.

Holmgren better be announcing a deal with Nabakov tomorrow, but I wouldn't bet on it. The only way we can conceivably acquire another goaltender is if one of them agrees to take huge pay cuts. We now have even LESS money to sign a goalie with this contract. I've heard Nabby might even jump ship to the KHL if enough teams lowball him. I highly doubt that Boucher's going anywhere, either. He's still got a year on his contract! No team's going to want to trade for him and the Flyers likely won't send him down to the minors.

Like Jester said, June has been one big epic fail for the Flyers. First the whole Hamhuis situation and now this. (Though then again, it doesn't look like the Penguins will be able to sign Hamhuis, either). Still, this is just such a toally lame and weak move.

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