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06-30-2010, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by eightyseven View Post
Carey Price got rushed into the NHL and now he's so screwed up. He's really emotional with zero confidence in himself. He's from a small town and getting to play in a big city like Montreal, his partying got WAY out of hand and now I am worried he may have some serious addiction problems (he's a smoker!). I question about how serious he is about his NHL career. He had issues with his teammates because half of them thought he wasn't even trying (see Andrei Markov) and Brian Gionta made a very telling post-game comment about Halak battling for those 2nd/3rd saves a few months ago and that Carey has to realize he has to fight for it if he wants success in this league.

Carey is just a kid and still trying to find himself. But the kid has severe psychological issues, back when Halak found his game and was starting, Price didn't even bother to practice harder to play. He was coasting on his talent alone and I'm sure his teammates noticed this.

Trust me, I'm a big Price fan but I think he would better suited to play in a non-hockey market where winning isn't that important.
Your comments reflect more about last year(2008-2009), I think 09-10 was a growing experience for him, especially the last 25 games and playoffs.

Just because a kid struggles due to being thrust in a bigger role he was ready for doesn't mean he can't cope with pressure and can't play in a big market. It's very common for athletes to fail at something, learn and grow from it and come back stronger.

It was said many times in the media that Price did not go hide in the training room when he had rough games and stretches, he faced the media and answered the questions, plus he could have forced a trade at the end of the season but instead he said he wanted to stay here and play in this market, that says a lot.

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